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Be Our Partner

STEPHEN HANSFORD is a worldwide operating company with subsidiaries and distributors in different parts of the world. It is our intention to permanently expand our sales network. For this reason, we are looking for new partners who are interested in marketing STEPHEN HANSFORD's high performance lubricants into new areas where we are not yet exclusively represented. Our portfolio consists of products for the automotive, industrial and metal working industries, and also includes speciality lubricants which are applied e.g. in the automotive, valve and food processing industry.

STEPHEN HANSFORD encourages its customers to use the higher quality lubricants that it provides to the marketplace, as these products often result in reduced downtime for equipment and less wear and tear on the equipment. And while higher quality lubricants may sometimes come with a higher price tag, yet it is stil an affordable long-term option that saves on repairing or replacing equipment. Repair and replacement is always more expensive than regular maintenance. Our lubrication experts visit our clients regularly to ensure that they get the best efficiency out of their equipment. We provide our customers with lower operational and maintenance costs.

Today STEPHEN HANSFORD products are marketed and distributed throughout East and West Malaysia as well as many parts of the world by more than 3,000 authorised dealers. and distributors

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