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Westport Lube Blending Plant


State Of The Art Blending Facilities

To be fully competitive in today's lube oil market, HANSFORD products are manufactured in our purpose built, state-of-the-art lube blending plant strategically located in the Malaysian island of Westport. Equipped with ultra modern blending facilities, the plant is designed to manufacture an increasing amount of formulations with increased complexity and is able to do them on-time, at-spec and every-time. It is also equipped with an in-house fully equipped and modern laboratory facility to carry out stringent in-house quality control procedures and world-class technical development capabilities. 

For storage, it is inbuilt with a modern warehouse and efficient racking system that can store up to 1 million litres storage capacity for raw materials and finished products. The plant is conceptualized and designed by Australian experts and is in par with the very latest global lubricant technology and safety standards.

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