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What We Offer

We stocked and carry one of the widest range of products to take care of all your needs and requirements

Innovation through research has become our standard policy

Established in 1972, STEPHEN HANSFORD has acquired well over 49 years of experience in this field making us one of the oldest lubricant production company in this region.

As a developer and producer of a full line of automotive, industrial and biobased lubricants for specific use, we optimize productivity in many different environment and this has help us to strengthen our knowledge in producing the right lubricant for a specific performance.

STEPHEN HANSFORD is active in formulating, producing, innovating and advising; all at the same time. Our production centres and laboratory enable us to be constantly attentive to our customers’ needs.

Our lubrication solutions cover the following:

  • Ultra high temperature

  • Ultra low temperature

  • High speed

  • Heavy loads

  • Shock Loads

  • Difficult atmospheres: dust, basic or acid pH level, aggressive agents, industrial waters, vapors, etc.

  • Release agents

  • Thin Film Lubricant

  • Minimal lubrication

  • Corrosion Protection

  • Food and pharmaceutical standards

It has always been a constant policy of STEPHEN HANSFORD to reinvent lubrication solutions, so when we look at possible products, we think about how it is done currently and the best way to improve it. We will continue to develop new and advanced lubrication solutions and put new products on the market. We are also working to provide more lubrication expert services for advanced lubrication solutions in those countries that we operate.

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