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Who We Are

We are proud to be one of the oldest and the most established lubricant manufacturer in this region

STEPHEN HANSFORD ...... Leader in the world of Performance Engineered Lubricants

Since 1972, STEPHEN HANSFORD has been an industry leader in providing specialized, high quality, and affordable range of lubricants that improve automotive, heavy equipment, and industrial applications performance and productivity, while also helps in minimizing potential downtime and the need for equipment repair or replacement. Our special solutions in the field of specialty lubricants, industrial lubricants, lubricants for metalworking and forming technology are based on the latest and most advanced tribological research and development.

STEPHEN HANSFORD's research and development of lubricants and additives always sets standards with regard to the reduction of friction and wear, high and low-temperature properties, corrosion protection, sealing, and media compatibility, especially in respect of environmental protection and toxicological innocuousness. The basis: modern laboratory technologies, analytical methods, computer-assisted test rigs, as well as field tests, carried out in very arduous and difficult situations.

Besides its headquarters which is situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, STEPHEN HANSFORD also has a modern lube blending plant situated in Westport, an island next to Port Klang. In addition to that, our worldwide distribution network allows us to develop markets all over the world. With associate companies in Australia, China, and New Zealand, STEPHEN HANSFORD, therefore, shows its presence internationally. Our technological innovations have also permitted us to provide our users with the utmost satisfaction while the quality of our products has always received the highest approval from our local and international customers.

Today the company which has developed the renowned HANSFORD Lubrication Technology stands for an international network and the translation of visions into practice. With our long history and our business culture tailored to the future STEPHEN HANSFORD is facing the forthcoming challenges.

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